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                                      Extra-curricular activities
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                                      SCIE has introduced a wide variety of extracurricular activities that work alongside the academic curriculum, which allows students to develop skills outside of textbooks. At the very beginning of every semester, SCIE organises an ECA fair, where each club introduces the general information and recruit students.? Teachers or students can run the ECA as they wish and each club is supervised by a faculty advisor.

                                      More than 100 clubs, classified into 10 categories, aim to encourage students to revolve around developing the individual holistically and learn more about themselves and explore their interests.



                                      Public Service & Social Issues Politics Club/ Debate Club/ Model United Nations ? ( MUN) / War Analysis & Gaming Club/Rainbow Research & Endorsement
                                      Business & Finance Finance Club/ Business Practice Club (BPC)/The Great Economists/ Economy Investment Club ( EIC)/ Stock Market Club/ Yami Daily
                                      Creation & Practice Mathematical Modelling Club/ USAD/ Robot Club/ Astronomy Club/ High Technology Club/ Racing Club/ Female Coders Rock Club/ Technovation Club/ IGEM/ Cosmology Club/ Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Aviation& Aero Modelling/ Cryptography Club/ Prove Rigorously/ Natural History
                                      Art & Performance Singing Club/ Sparkling Dance Club/ Musical Club/ Drama Club/ Fashion Club/ Orchestra Club/ Chinese Traditional Instrument/ Acapella Club/ Art Afflatus Association Club/Ultrapop Club/ Dino-photography
                                      Academic & Application Research Chemical Curiosity Club/ English Club/ Theoretical Physics & Philosophy/ Anatomy Club/ Botany Club/ Fantastic Beasts/ Physics just for fun/ Psychological & Neural Science/ German Club/ Social Survey Club/ Undergraduate Math Club/ Art of Computer Science/ Awesome Maths/ Chinese Literature/ Philosophy/ Japanese Culture Club/ Red Mansions/ The Analects of Confuscious/ Wax Goud Peel Club
                                      Living Skills Cooking Club/ Makeup Club/ Flower Arranging Club/DIY Club/ Origami Club
                                      Sports & Fitness Swimming/ Skateboard/ Sailing/ Rock Climbing/ Tennis/Fitness/ Volleyball/ Golf/ Girls Basketball/ Girls Handball/Girls Football/ Ladies Fitness/Tabata training/ Badminton/ Basketball League/ American Touch Football/ Badminton for Beginners/ Table Tennis/ Boys Basketball/ Boys Handball
                                      Puzzle Games Scrabble/ Cards for fun/ Texas Poker/ War games/ Werewolf/ Minecraft Technology
                                      Media TBU Studio/ Newsletter/ VEWD/ TED x Youth @SCIE
                                      Voluntary Service Teens/ UZIV/ SCIE Book Club/ English Teaching Club/Red Cross Skills/ Charity Prom/ Michael Charity Club/ Animal Rescue Club


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